Printer Mesin Fotocopy Ricoh IM 5000 Black and White

IM 5000
A3 black and white multifunction printer

  • Copy, print, scan, optional fax
  • Prints up to 50 ppm
  • Continuous updates via RICOH Always Current Technology
  • RICOH Smart Integration workflows

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Printer Mesin Fotocopy Ricoh IM 5000 Hitam Putih (BW)

Sewa Printer dan Fotocopy Ricoh


Professional print solutions on demand

Effortlessly boost office productivity thanks to innovative high-speed scanning, Always Current Technology and an extensive range of finishing options for professional-looking printed documents every time.

Digital document storage made easy

At Ricoh, we’ve made it so easy to convert paper-based information to digital format for fast and convenient digital storage. Simply scan documents directly to your preferred cloud storage apps or private network. We’ve even built in as standard multi-layered security features designed to keep your documents safe and secure.

1. Fast and convenient digital storage
Scan documents directly to your preferred online storage app or network as you go.

2. Integrate seamlessly with any new technology you bring onboard
With Ricoh’s Always Current Technology, your employees can download upgrades to any device they use so their tools are always current.

3. A professional print finish every time
Access a suite of tools to give your documents that professional print finish and wrap without having to outsource.

4. Technology and security simply built in
Our multi-layered security features make digital document management risk proof.





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